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A Legacy of Changemakers

Alfred "Tup" Holmes and his son Hamilton Holmes were trailblazers in the fight for civil rights in the sport of golf and education. Their legacy continues to inspire and motivate people to this day.


"Tup" Holmes Golf Academy

The Alfred Tup Holmes Foundation is pleased to announce its upcoming initiative, the "Tup" Holmes Golf Academy, a youth development program in collaboration with the Alfred "Tup" Holmes Memorial Golf Course, a city-owned public course in Southwest Atlanta. Our Foundation aims to offer K-12 students in the community access to golf lessons and equipment, while also instilling the fundamental virtues of the sport. Through the "Tup" Holmes Golf Academy, we strive to empower young minds by teaching life skills and promoting positive values, utilizing golf as a powerful tool for growth and development.

Hamilton Holmes STEM Academy

In addition to the plans for the "Tup" Holmes Golf Academy, the Alfred Tup Holmes Foundation has another exciting initiative on the horizon: The Hamilton Holmes STEM Academy in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. In collaboration with K-12 schools in the metro Atlanta area, we will develop the program to provide crucial funding for STEM education activities. The Academy will partner with schools to subsidize field trips, competitions, equipment, and hands-on classroom experiences. We aspire to ignite curiosity and foster youth innovation through the Hamilton Holmes STEM Academy.


The Alfred “Tup” Holmes Legacy Foundation is committed to positively influencing youth in our communities. The Foundation will introduce several programs to expose K-12 students in underserved neighborhoods in the Atlanta Metro area to golf’s many benefits and provide STEM educational opportunities and scholarships.

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A history exhibit of Alfred “Tup” Holmes and Hamilton E. Holmes is currently on display at the Alfred “Tup” Holmes Memorial Golf Course, a city-owned public course in Atlanta’s West End. The Holmes Family Archive exhibition includes rare photographs, news clippings, artwork, and memorabilia. Our plans include creating a new interactive digital exhibition that will also be displayed at museums, institutions, and schools in other parts of Georgia and the country. Your donations will support digitally preserving the Holmes Family Archive and promoting the exhibit at “Tup” Homes Golf Course as a destination for Black history and civil rights learning.